Qurm Beach Triathlon/Aquathlon

Date: 02 Dec 2017

Time: 15:30

Join us in beautiful Muscat for a wonderful community supported triathlon/ Aquathlon event in Al Qrum Beach, clean water and a wide sandy beach. The bike is a scenic sandy course. The running route is an out-and-back in lovely Al Qrum beach

Please (re)mark your calendars and make yourself available on the afternoon of Saturday 02 December 2017 for the Qurm Beach Triathlon/Aquathlon event , on the menu that afternoon is:

1) Short distance beach Triathlon :

a 400m sea swim , 9km Mountain bike then 3km beach run.
2) Long distance beach Triathlon.
an 800m sea swim 18km Mountain bike then 5km beach run.

3) Short distance beach Aquathlon :
a 400m sea swim , then 3km beach run

4) Long distance beach Aquathlon.
an 800m sea swim , then 5km beach run.

In a team (max of 3) or individually .
Also , you can :

1) You can come and only Swim (any distance of the two)
2) You can come and only MTB (any distance of the two)
3) You can come and only Run (any distance of the two)

4 Rials entry fee per person..